22 December 2007

My Game Story: Submission Guidelines

We want your story. And, we want to know about stories you've read. These are the guidelines for submitting stories to this website. If you are unsure whether or not your story satisfies the submission of acceptance guidelines, submit the story anyway and we'll determine if its right for the site or not.

Read a story or saw a video you thought was good? Tip us off. Email us at mygamestory@gmail.com with a description and link to the story, putting "Story Tip" in the subject line. If you tip us off to a story we will include your name in that story post.
Videos that are not your own should be "tipped" and not submitted. Instructions for submitting your own videos are below. At the bottom of each story, we will include a link to where the story could originally be found, if applicable. So rest assured your or someone else's site or forum will receive credit for an original post.

Submission Guidelines
First, make sure you have read the Acceptance Guidelines.
Email us your story at: mygamestory@gmail.com
  • Include in the subject line the title of the story.
  • Include in the email body a short two to three sentence description of your story.
  • All written stories themselves should be attached to the email as a document. We accept .doc, .rtf, and .odt formats.
  • We accept videos in two ways: either as an attachment to the email or linked to in the email body. If you are indifferent, we prefer if the video itself is either directly attached to the email or that a link is provided to where the video can be download directly.
  • We accept videos uploaded to external websites, like YouTube. In this case, you should link to the video in the email body and clarify the name of the person who captured the video, the person who uploaded the video to the website, and, if possible, a list of names of all the players included in the video.
  • Naming: The name of story authors is according to the preference of the authors themselves. You may chose to use your real name, player name, or user name. You may even submit all three, all of which would be included in the story body. However, we need to know which name you would like to specify as story author, reason being, author's names will be included in the post tag. We will only post one name for the author tag.
  • Images: We prefer if images are posted inside the story to break up a big block and for visual reference. Please attach any images you would like posted, or include links to where these posts can be found in the email body. Also, in the email body specify where you would like each image to be posted throughout the story. For example, "after the second paragraph."

Game Referencing
All titles of games should be italicized. Games are an art medium just like books or movies, and therefore the titles should be treated as such.

Quality and Length
My Game Story stresses quality over quantity. Quality does not mean length. Stories and videos may be as long or as short as you desire. However, My Game Story is not only for archival of video games stories, but also quality writing. We ask that you review and edit your work before submission. That said, we will take a look at any story you want to submit. Just send it in, you have nothing to lose. Story submission does not guarantee the story will be posted.

We seek individuality among stories. Stories may not be accepted if another, previously accepted story discusses the exact same event in the same way. However, stories of the same event may be accepted if each is unique, if it recounts the events from a different perspective, or expounds upon the previous story, or just brings something new to the table that hasn't been previously seen.

Editing and Revision
We reserve the right to edit minor grammatical errors or misspellings or edit certain aspects so as to conform with the website conventions. We will not edit entire sentences or even words. We will not change the story in any way outside of minor mistakes or typos. We may reply to your email submission asking you to revise the story in some way, for example, for greater clarity on some point. You retain the right to ignore our resubmission request.

We reserve the right to accept or reject any story or video for any reason. Also, we may accept your story but not immediately submit it. We may delay posting a story because of an over-abundance of similar game or story genre at the time of acceptance. We strive to maintain post-diversity at My Game Story.

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