21 December 2007

Welcome to My Game Story

Storytelling is an intrinsic part of our being. As humans we have a natural urge to share our selves and stories. No where is this more evident than with video games. A passion for sharing experiences is at the heart of video game culture. "You should have seen this game of Pac-Man last night. You will not believe what happened."

My Game Story is founded on this passion for sharing. Video games have been around for forty years, and with them, stories. There are millions of stories out there, floating around our culture, just wanting to be told. Particularly with the ever rising popularity in dynamic multiplayer experiences, amazing stories are happening every day, every minute--stories that make us laugh, or cry, or think. Even now, you are remembering "that one time" you had with some game, old or new. We want to hear your story.

My Game Story is a place to share. This site also acts as an archive for all the amazing stories, both today or long past, experienced by gamers. The purpose of this site is to be a hub for game-story sharing. I know there are innumerable stories out there, sketched in notebooks, posted on forums, captured on film, or inside of you. We can't wait to hear them.

Please read the Acceptance Guidelines and the Submission Guidelines and information about post Tags.

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